After 3 years in the making – from product development and moving across oceans to work closely with their production partners – Creative Directors (and sisters) Tanith & Keziah Swinford are proud to introduce Jota-Kena to the world.

Founded alongside their dad John, out of a shared desire to build a modern-day family brand, Jota-Kena does denim. Differently.

Starting with a focus on outerwear made from only the finest, 100% cotton denim, Jota-Kena is responsible, ethical and water-wise.

The brand’s denim is sourced from the first denim mill in the world to have received the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Award. In addition, the denim mill recycles all water in manufacturing for other industrial uses.

Merging exceptional craftsmanship, embroidery ‘artworks’ and custom nickel-free alloy buttons, Jota-Kena presents its designs with a fresh, forward approach.

“Jota-Kena’s designs are curated extensions of our imaginations, experiences and the way we choose to see the world. Likewise, our positive practices are simply an extension of what we see and believe. We believe in a more sustainable future for fashion… and the reason we will see it, is because we are part of creating it.” – Jota-Kena Designers Tanith & Keziah Swinford

Every Jota-Kena jacket is packaged in a sustainable, reusable bull denim tote embroidered with the brand’s Palm leaf logo & name.

The brand’s swing tags are also made from recycled cardboard.

*Fun fact: Jota is a Spanish genre of music and dance, and Kena means “kind” and “unselfish” in Estonian. The brand’s logo: a fan Palm leaf has been esteemed (since ancient times) as a symbol of celebration and victory with integrity. Accordingly, Jota-Kena’s name and logo reference the importance of nature, ethics and aesthetic appeal.