Jota-Kena founders - family owned ethical brand

our story

Jota-Kena is an ethical, luxury family owned clothing brand founded by father and daughter-duo: John, Tanith & Keziah Swinford. As a Cape Town-based design house established out of a shared desire to build a modern-day family brand we are all about being both sustainable in approach and intentional in design.

Jota-Kena occupies a rarefied space as a label specializing in laid-back luxury and enjoyable elegance. We celebrate individuality through bespoke denim creations and doing “timeless with a twist” when it comes to women’s wear. Jota-Kena doesn’t do fashion fast, but instead brings a unique experience and heart to the process of design and manufacture.

Fun fact: Jota (좋다) in Korean means “to be good, preferable or likeable” (Jota is also a Spanish genre of music and dance), and Kena means “kind” and “unselfish” in Estonian.

The brand’s fan Palm leaf logo boasts of a natural and aesthetic appeal. It has been esteemed as a symbol of victory with integrity since ancient times.  Jota-Kena echoes its principles and commitment by sourcing only the finest, sustainable natural fabrics. We combine these with exceptional craftsmanship presenting Jota-Kena’s signature style in a fresh, forward way every season.